iderm - Integrative Dermatology

How can we help you?

Dr Lisa Connelly and her team, comprising a trained aesthetician and appearance medicine nurse, integrate their expertise to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan for all your skin care issues.

We consult on all matters related to skin, hair and nails including but not limited to acne, atopic eczema, dermatitis, paediatric skin issues, photo aging/sun damage, skin cancers, and vascular lesions.

What about the results?

"Thank to Dr Lisa Connelly and her amazing team. You have transformed my skin, restored my self-confidence and helped me gain back my daily motivation. The Thalgo La Beaute Marine skin care range is gentle to apply, smells amazing and has taught me it is possible to have soft, smooth and hydrated skin.

Lisa and Lee helped me to understand skincare health and taught me how to implement a better routine. My skin has always been a big insecurity for me, right from an early age. I piled on foundation to make myself feel better, now thanks to Dr Connelly and Lee’s regimens I can happily say it has been over 6 months since I have felt the need to wear foundation; a massive change that's for sure!

I would highly recommend their services and products, there is a range for everyone and every cent will be worth it."

Holly Baker

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